It’s been said that social media has ruined our attention spans, making us focus less and becoming more like goldfish with an attention span of just 9 seconds. However, recent studies have shown that this may not be the case.

A study published in the journal PLOS ONE found that social media use did not lead to attention problems. The study looked at data from more than 12,000 young adults and found that there was no evidence that social media use was linked to attention problems.

So, what does this mean? It means that we may have been wrong about social media ruining our attention spans. It’s possible that the way we use social media is not the issue, but rather how much time we spend on it.

If you find yourself constantly scrolling through your social media feeds, you may want to consider cutting back on your use. However, if you’re using social media in moderation, there’s no evidence that it’s harming your attention span.