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For you to effectively promote brand and product awareness, a top-rated marketing CRM is essential. These strategic tools centralize customer data into actionable insights for improved campaigns, enhanced customer engagement and greater sales conversions.

Nutshell CRM provides marketing teams of all sizes with an effective feature set that streamlines project management, sales and customer service workflows – while also offering in-depth campaign analysis and email forensics capabilities.


ClickUp is a project management platform offering an expansive list of features. While these can assist teams to work more efficiently, some users may find them overkill for their use case. Furthermore, ClickUp continually adds new features, leading to lack of depth on its platform and making it difficult to locate appropriate features for specific use cases.

Clickup offers multiple views to help your team visualize its work. Use list, board or calendar views for an overview of your projects; or even create custom dashboards to get an even higher-level perspective of them all.

Clickup is an invaluable tool for marketing teams, helping them manage campaigns more efficiently while tracking team progress and providing tools for collaboration and communication. Plus, its user-friendly interface makes it accessible for everyone on your team!


Salesforce is one of the world’s premier CRM platforms for good reason. It is intuitively designed, offering features such as customer service and marketing automation automation. Furthermore, its flexible scalable nature make it suitable for businesses of any size.

Your CRM can assist in organizing and prioritizing tasks, tracking pipeline progress and measuring ROI. With its advanced sales and marketing tools that help generate leads and close deals more easily. In addition, this tool provides personalized content delivery which gives you a competitive edge and strengthens relationships with your customers.

Canon utilized Salesforce to more effectively connect employees and customers, analyze data, generate insights on products sold, automate sales processes and save time – not to mention its mobile app that allowed field professionals to view reports and CRM data anywhere rather than having to return back and forth from office! Plus it provides secure platform where sensitive information could remain safe.


HubSpot is one of the leading CRM platforms, featuring automation and personalization features to streamline business operations and enhance customer experiences on websites, increasing customer satisfaction while optimizing conversions and providing marketing/sales tools to boost ROI.

Hubspot’s all-in-one platform enables businesses to tailor their platform specifically to meet their business’s requirements, including creating unique sales pipelines or customizing CRM views; or running marketing campaigns tailored specifically for their goals.

Hubspot provides a range of sales and marketing tools, such as the capability to automate email campaigns and build landing pages, along with its user-friendly user interface designed to reduce clicks required and provide helpful prompts. Furthermore, it features an account-based marketing tool for targeting high-value clients; especially useful for B2B organizations as it helps increase sales while improving customer experiences with personalized messages and recommendations.

Zendesk Sell

Zendesk is a customer service and sales management platform offering an array of tools, from contact centers and CRMs to a powerful dialer that saves reps time by automating tasks. Furthermore, there are lead tracking, sales performance metrics tracking capabilities as well as recurring revenue tracking features within this system.

This platform helps businesses prioritize service with its feature that automatically solicits feedback – this can help lower training costs, speed up response times and enhance overall customer satisfaction. In addition, the software includes a knowledge base where customers can quickly find answers without calling support or waiting in line for support.

Zendesk Sell is an ideal CRM solution for small and midsize businesses that wish to streamline operations and boost sales results, but may not suit larger enterprises due to their more intricate sales process requirements. Before selecting the ideal CRM solution for your company, be sure to conduct a cost/benefit analysis first.