Social media platforms like LinkedIn can be an invaluable source for finding and recruiting top talent to fill open positions. According to self-reported data, hiring professionals often find high-caliber candidates on these sites that they would have difficulty finding elsewhere.

Employer brand recognition and recruitment costs are increased while semi-active and passive candidates can also be connected with.


Social media provides an ideal way of finding passive candidates. Searches can be run based on location or job title; Facebook groups provide opportunities for you to meet people who share similar interests. Once connected, comments or messages can be exchanged – or an invite may be extended with information regarding open jobs shared as a link.

Improved Candidate Screening – Social media allows recruiters to conduct more comprehensive background checks on prospective hires, while also helping evaluate whether or not their potential hire will fit with the company culture.

Strong employer brands offer numerous benefits, yet taking time and effort to develop is necessary. One approach is to monitor where hires come from and experiment with various tools and platforms; you could even leverage social media channels like career fairs and coffee chats as ways to draw candidates in more effectively and ensure higher returns on your investments.


Social media sourcing experts are becoming more crucial to organizations seeking top talent. According to studies, companies using social media for recruitment saw faster time to hire and reduced cost per hire than those who did not use it.

Social networks like Facebook offer access to an abundance of potential candidates, so it is vitally important that you use Boolean searches and keywords relevant to your open position to narrow down your search effectively and identify passive candidates who might be interested in your open role without spending hours wading through unsuitable profiles.

Facebook provides free messaging capabilities, making it an effective means of engaging passive candidates. To take full advantage of this, identify professional or career-based groups where your target candidates may reside and post relevant openings there. Furthermore, advertisements on Facebook allow you to target specific demographics and increase sourcing efforts; please see our guide on using paid ads on Facebook for further insight.


Twitter is a microblogging service that enables users to post short text messages known as tweets of up to 280 characters, as well as share photos, videos, links to websites, polls and poll results. Established by Evan Williams, Biz Stone and Noah Glass who had all previously worked together at Google; originally based in San Francisco but since moved to New York City.

Social media sourcing requires careful research, tailored outreach efforts, and patience; but when done right it can provide an enormous competitive edge. For example, connecting with passive candidates faster or avoiding traditional recruitment methods altogether are just two advantages of employing this method of recruitment.

An employer brand is key for social recruiting success. Businesses with an excellent reputation can recruit faster and hire higher quality candidates more efficiently. Establishing your employer brand involves encouraging positive employee feedback, hosting events and emphasizing workplace culture; measuring results carefully as technology changes is also key.


Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social network that enables users to create public or private accounts and share content, like comment, like, save and save them to their phones. Instagram provides several editing tools including filters for giving photos a vintage or faded appearance as well as Lux and Vignette effects.

Instagram has grown into an indispensable platform for brands, artists and influencers, with over one billion accounts registered – among them celebrities, musicians, athletes, fashion designers, news organizations and cultural institutions. Furthermore, companies can register a business account free of charge in order to measure engagement metrics and impression counts.

Instagram provides both an integrated post-scheduling feature as well as third-party programs that can assist with scheduling posts. Furthermore, Instagram provides various editing tools for videos: such as changing brightness, contrast and saturation levels or even applying tilt shift or vignette effects to them.

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