Digital platforms for media buying enable advertisers and ad agencies to set campaigns, manage audiences and creative materials, analyze data, purchase premium inventory from top publishers, as well as take advantage of real-time analytics and optimization features on secure platforms.

Programmatic RTB differs significantly from traditional media buying in that it involves an automated, rapid trading platform through which buyers and sellers negotiate pricing terms for advertising space using programmatic software.


Media buyers use various tools to evaluate networks and publishers as well as track ad performance and traffic to their ads. With these tools in hand, media buyers create media plans tailored specifically towards meeting client goals and budget constraints while using optimization software to optimize delivery of ads.

Digital platforms for media buying aim to automate the ad buying process. They streamline insertion order management and offer electronic signature tools, while some can even help marketers target new, specific audiences using lookalike modeling technology. They can also provide measurement programs with aggregate data programs for marketers.

Top media buying platforms are known for producing quick audits and accepting the ads that meet specific criteria quickly, while finding solutions for unexpected situations and complications quickly – particularly useful if a media buyer needs to close deals quickly on short deadlines.

Trade desk

The Trade Desk is an innovative digital platform that assists marketers with managing their advertising campaigns. Boasting inventory from top publishers, its automated bidding maximizes return on investment (ROI). Furthermore, first and third-party data are utilized to target relevant audiences while detailed reporting and analytics capabilities round off its offering.

This platform provides multiple ad exchanges and access to premium content such as video and native ads. Utilizing real-time bidding (RTB), its technology evaluates each impression in milliseconds before bidding on it to maximize engagement chances for ads. Lookalike modeling capabilities expand audiences without losing relevance.

The Trade Desk was established in 2009, headquartered out of Ventura, California and offers a self-service cloud-based platform that assists advertisers in the creation, management and optimization of digital advertising campaigns across devices and formats. As one of the premier demand-side platforms with granular placement control capabilities and trusted partner status by multiple brands; The Trade Desk enjoys strong financials as evidenced by triple-digit revenue growth and profitability.


Mediaocean provides a centralized software solution that manages the media buying and accounting processes seamlessly for agencies of all sizes. It simplifies workflow while automating processes to streamline media operations while giving a comprehensive view of digital spend and business results with one source of truth.

Mediaocean provides traditional and digital media platforms that empower businesses and professionals in the global marketing ecosystem to streamline their workflow, from planning and purchasing ads, through analysis and optimization, invoicing/payment, invoicing / payments etc. Based in New York City but serving customers globally.

Mediaocean may offer many advantages for media planning, yet its user interface (UI) is less intuitive than other systems; users often forgoing it altogether in favor of Excel for creating media plans instead. Bionic allows buyers to create media plan presentations directly within its platform – saving hours of time while eliminating rekeying errors and saving even more in terms of accuracy and reducing potential rekey errors.


Mediamath is a digital platform that combines audience, media and intelligence in one omnichannel programmatic marketing platform. Their TerminalOne platform activates data, automates execution and optimizes advertising interactions to drive meaningful business outcomes.

Its enterprise software empowers over 9,500 marketers in 42 countries every day to launch, analyze and optimize digital advertising campaigns across display, native mobile ads, video/audio ads and digital out of home formats.

Mediamath boasts a diverse customer base that spans large holding companies and agencies, such as The Trade Desk. News of Mediamath’s bankruptcy may result in increased budgets being allocated towards these competitors such as The Trade Desk; additionally, mediamath may affect supply-side platforms (SSPs) connecting publishers with programmatic demand sources resulting in decreased fill rates that impact publisher monetization negatively; publishers may need to reconsider existing contracts or find alternative programmatic demand partners as soon as possible in order to regain full monetization potential of mediamath customers or seek new programmatic demand partners for programmatic demand sources that reduce supply-side platforms (SSPs).

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