In 2014, Lapolla Industries contracted TV Personality Ty Pennington to boost their brand reputation in the energy savings industry. As part of my full-time role, I created an integrated marketing strategy to align the perspectives of residential and commercial audiences with Ty Pennington’s reputation and Lapolla’s brand equity.


Develop three to five brand messages that speak to the residential and commercial clients of Lapolla’s ideal customers, and distribute that message consistently with an omni-channel approach to increase familiarity, talent and brand recognition, and residential and commercial leads.



Develop short videos as the core content to showcase Ty Pennington delivering the campaign’s brand messages. Develop web, social, email, PPC, and print (brochure, flyers) content around the same messaging that will include an immediate and long-term positive effect on brand recognition.

Integrated Marketing Campaign: Ty Penning & Residential Energy Savings

  • Views: 36,000 (highest of channel)
  • Target Audience: Priority is Residential, Secondary is Commercial Home Builders
  • Landing Page: Designed for high conversion (company recently sold)
  • Results: Critical component in generating over 10,000 residential leads within 1 year

Ty Pennington – Lapolla Spray Foam Insulation

ty pennington lapolla spray foam insluation keller print marketing

Redesigned Print Materials with Spokesperson Campaign

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