Google just announced a new update to its current map feature allowing users to explore its “Live View” in an all new immersive capability. This advancement in AI technology combines street view and aerial snapshots into a modern world. Users can explore streets, neighborhoods, landmarks, and more as if you are in the moment.

This immersive view works on mobile and non-mobile devices. The initial start will be Los Angeles, London, New York, San Fransisco, and Tokyo in 2022, then moving into other cities.

google maps immersive view example

Read more on Google’s blog.

With the many uses now in Google Maps, you can imagine the need of being in a new locastion and looking to maps for travel directions, nearby restaurants, or tourist attractions. In Google Maps, users can now view these scenarios in real life, or visit sight-seeing locations like the Grand Canyon at the day or night. Busy travelers can view streets and know how traffic truly is at that moment.

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