Local marketing 101: Where do I list my business?

Most businesses prefer to be found online when a potential customer searches for their brand, type of service, and/or type of product that their business creates. There’s a huge list one could create listings for, but which ones are critical? We’ll focus this blog on the few most important places.

1. Google My Business
Creating a professional profile for your business is free. GMB allows you to customize your profile to the type of industry you’re in and services you provide. You can add images of the outside, inside, logo, and products you offer. Go to https://business.google.com/create and either create your business or find it if you think it already exists. Once established, you can begin gathering company reviews, create blog/social media posts, and promote your products and/or services all for free.

2. Bing Places
Bing is not as prominent as Google, but still is weighted strong for SEO and local marketing purposes. This is also a free location to list your business using similar features as Google My Business. Get started at https://www.bingplaces.com/

3. Facebook
Consider registering your business page on Facebook. It’s free to get started, and only takes a few minutes to sign up, verify, and get started. You do not need a social media strategy and content to register your brand. Take the first step and make sure your business has a home (and a voice) on Facebook. The business address, phone number, website, and hours of operation are most important here to register. Visit facebook.com

4. Yelp
I would recommend not using Yelp as a strong place to generate leads. However, for SEO, Yelp holds a lot of weight. Register for free and make sure your information is correct. Visit https://business.yelp.com to get started.

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