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Elon Musk, Twitter’r latest board member went to Twitter with a voting question that received over 4 million votes. Since forever ago, Twitter has been a great platform but lacked the use of an Edit button. Tweets would have to be deleted and reposted in order to fix any incorrections.

Will we finally know how to edit a tweet? I hope so. Twitter is a strong platform for quick news, tips, and updates. Having a strong following on Twitter gives you immediate access to as-it-happens news, updates, and entertainment.

Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal referened the Elon Musk poll, saying that it’s important to vote carefully. Twitter’s official account also directly stated they are “working on an edit button.”

Actually, Twitter’s Communications profile confirmed the company working on an Edit button and gave zero credit to the Musk poll.

So when will it be active? Twitter concluded that Twitter Blue customers will get first access in a couple of months. This could mean a summer or fall 2022 rollout if no delays.

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